To your digital source of marketing advice for small businesses, especially micro-businesses.

Our small business marketing advice is specifically tailored to businesses from sole traders and the self-employed to those with around 10-15 employees – or micro-businesses, as they are called.

Most small business marketing advice is focused on companies larger than this, with budgets way beyond the reach of most micro-businesses. So this site aims to give you the marketing advice your micro-business needs, without the jargon and based on the actual problems you face.

Our marketing advice for small businesses and micro-businesses is provided by the following:

The author of Marketing For The Micro-business, Jack Roberts, teaches marketing at both University and professional level as well providing consultancy and training courses for micro-businesses on a regular basis.

How Marketing Can Help your Small Business

Marketing is a way of doing business. It´s not just about knowing whether to use advertising or online, it´s about understanding customer needs and wants and then ensuring your business meets them profitably.

But when you´re focused on running a small business it´s not always easy to think about these things, or find the time. Our small business marketing advice can help you grow by applying marketing principles to your business.

Some of the things the book and articles can provide marketing advice on are:

    • Working out who your most likely customers are and how to find them.
    • Developing unique, winning sales messages aimed at those customers.
    • Communicating with customers and potential customers in ways relevant to them.
    • Working out what type of advertising to use – should you use online, Yellow Pages or local newspaper advertising? Our marketing advice specifically tailored to small businesses will help you work it out.
    • Knowing how customers make the decision to buy your products or use your services. That way you can communicate with them at the right time and not lose them to a competitor.
    • Develop and use a database.
    • How to measure whether your marketing is working for you or not.

Ready for some micro-business marketing advice that will really help your business to grow? Then buy Marketing For The Micro-business and visit our Articles database.