Visual Marketing

If your micro-business produces objects or is very visual then there are a number of online resources that will allow you to display your wares.

Using video was explored in Using Video for Promotion, but you can also promote static images such as product shots, or the item being used. If you provide make-up or beauty services, for example, then you could display your creations. Perhaps it’s cakes or flower decoration. A site such as Pinterest or Instagram will allow you to show off your creative talents and share your ideas.

There are other facilities available that enable you to do similar things, such as a Facebook profile. Facebook might not be very good as a method of selling directly, but it can be really useful to illustrate the visual aspects of your product or create the opportunity to talk about it. You can read more about marketing using Facebook in this blog posting Marketing via Facebook.

The most effective uses of all social media platforms (such as Pinterest or Facebook) involve sharing rather than selling. But you can use this to your advantage. Share uses of your product or attractive images of it – and encourage customers or users to do the same. Then you build up a community of people interested in your micro-business who may purchase from it or talk about it to others. You can read more about how to use social media in the article Social Media for the Micro-business.